“To Heal is to Make Happy

  • “Lincoln is an absolutely new horse after this last treatment.  It feels like I’m riding a $100,000 horse.  And, he’s so happy.  Thanks for working your magic.”  Deirdre Steinberg , Portland 
  • “Dear Miriah, Thanks so much for hosting and presenting the massage clinic.  I enjoyed watching the demo and the pear cake was wonderful.  I am ordering the poster.”  Bonnie Peterson, Tualatin, OR 
  • “Diego’s attitude totally changed after the session.  He seemed a lot better to ride.”  Medley Kelly, Napa, CA

Lincoln and Deirdre

  • “Let’s just say the difference in his movement under saddle after his treatment was, in a word, dramatic.  I did not expect to see such immediate results and such release.  He was actually reaching and swinging! The telltale, or should I say “tell-tail” sign was that his tail, instead of bouncing like it has been, was actually swinging from side to side.  In walking horse world this is a positive thing.  The other thing that we noticed was that he was not jabbing his back toes into the ground but getting a better reach and flatter placement with less hock action (also a positive in walking horse land).   I’m excited and looking forward to seeing how he will continue to respond.  Thanks!” Kimberly Goodwin-Helton, Gresham, OR

Gereysea (aka GiGi)
  • “Miriah, I was really inspired and motivated after your demonstration on Sunday. I have been looking at the website for the school and wanted to get your feed back on what class to start with. What classes did you take?  Thanks for your time.“  Katie Cyr 
  • “GiGi’s runny nose ended the day after you worked on her.”  Susie Haatvedt, Oregon City, OR 
  • “Washashe seems to be doing so much better. It’s amazing, it truly is amazing.  You are amazing.” Kacy Heinrich, Oregon City, OR 
  • “Red is so much better – totally a different horse.  Before, he felt so stiff warming up.”  Lori Cook,  Santa Rosa, CA Trainer and National Competitor


  • “Romeo is doing great.  I cannot tell you how the comfrey gel just really did wonders for him.  Amazingly enough, after 5 days of applying it, Romeo’s tendon was no longer bowed out, which was amazing.  He’s doing great.  We’ve got the comfrey, he’s doing great and thank you so much for working on him and for checking in, I really appreciate it.  Big hugs to you!”  Amy Spencer, trainer, Canby Oregon 
  • “Is it my imagination?  She looks better already!” Kelli Brown, Newport, OR 
  • “The difference is amazing.”  Jan Brady, Scappoose, OR 
  • “I can already tell a difference, just walking him back to the stall.  He walked with purpose.  I have felt like I’ve been dragging him.”  Jane Heathman, Canby OR
  • “After you adjusted yer, her flexibility in her neck was amazing!” Kat Herzog, trainer, Portland & Clatskanie, OR

Tehyo yawning

Jan’s horse Danny and husband Robert

  • “I have new respect for what you do. The follow up you taught me to do for Bugsy has helped so much. He is staying straight now, and his hip has been level for three months.”Buzz Buzikowski, Canby, OR 
  • “This morning was amazing. She took off like a bullet. Solace hasn’t run in months! Every day when I turned her loose to the pasture, she ambled away slowly and awkwardly. This morning when I turned her out, she ran down the hill – took off like a bullet! She kept running until she was out of sight. She hasn’t been able to run for nine months. (I got wet eyes listening to this one).It was amazing! Thank you so much!” Kathleen Miller, Beaverton OR

Washashe, stretching neck

  • “After that last session, Washashe went down the trail straight as an arrow. She had never been straight before that.”Kacy Heinrich, Oregon City, OR 
  • “Cindy is so much better. That constant, tense “I’m hurt” look; she doesn’t have that anymore. That constant, wincing pain is gone.” Crystal Alexander, Estacada, OR
  • “This is one different Haddie Belle mare. She’s fabulous! When I came back in the barn last night and walked down the aisle, she had a most different look. Her eye is soft – not that “don’t touch me” look. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do when I ride her.” Terre Phillips, trainer, Emberwood Stables, Portland, OR And two months later…
  • “That whole neck line is so much prettier. It has refined up into her cheek and jaw, just like you wanted.” Terre Phillips, trainer, Emberwood Stables, Portland, OR



Terre Phillips and Haddie – this mare is 19 years old and what a beautiful animal