Equine Massage

Shoulder muscle loosened by massage

There are many names for the work that I do.  It is called equine bodywork, deep pressure massage, equine sports massage, therapeutic bodywork, or deep muscle therapy.  The style of bodywork that I perform is not a soft massage; it is a deep tissue sports massage. 

I am working to give the following benefits to the horse:

  • Break up adhesions in the muscles, and send the acids into the lymphatic system for flushing
  • Relieve pain
  • Bring suppleness and circulation to the whole body
  • Balance and bring flexibility to the skeleton
  • Provide an assessment of your horse’s current condition.

I believe in a holistic approach and combine the elements of bodywork, gait analysis, trigger point therapies, acupressure and my intuitive abilities to best help your horse.  Now I am able to combine infrared technology and take thermal images of your horse’s physiology.  It really adds to the entire package of helping the horse.

Massaging the glutes while this mare has a fresh drink

In every session I work on the horse’s head, poll and neck, withers, shoulders, forelegs (including tendons, ligaments and joints), back, ribs, lumbar spine, pelvis and hind end, hocks, hind legs and the tail.  It’s a tip to tail session and the horses respond very well to it.

I am an Equinology certified Equine Body Worker (EBW).  Equinology is a top rated school for Equine Bodywork and intensive anatomy courses. 

In October 2010, I was able to add a class that I have wanted for 7 years – a full Equine Dissection course with Dr. Deb Bennett.  I am very proud of this accomplishment, since in the past I was too squeamish to handle it.  It was a challenge the first couple of days, but I got into the amazing equine body with Dr. Deb’s passionate teaching. 

Back to massage services… Every session that I do includes follow up instructions and stretching assignments for the owner to do in my absense.  This is the way to give the horse the most benefit in between sessions.

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