Benefits of Massage


There are many benefits to horses, humans and dogs from a good therapeutic massage.  Following are just a few:

  • Balances and aligns the horse’s body
  • Assists the trainer and rider by removing pain related behaviors
  • Relaxes tense muscles and tense horses
  • Increases range of motion in the shoulders and legs, resulting in greater reach and willingness to stride forward
  • Provides a full hands on assessment of your horse’s body and legs, addressing issues before they result in possible injuries
  • It stimulates the lympathic and immune systems
  • Restores vitality to tired, aching bodies
  • Breaks down muscle adhesions, brings smoothness and suppleness back to aching muscles
  • Assesses saddle fit issues
  • Improves disposition and performance
  • Stimulates blood and nerve circulation
  • Reduces tactile defensiveness


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