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Miriah Stuart uses Infrared Imaging as a Non Invasive Discovery Tool

I hope you found this website because you want to find your horse’s Pain.  Sometime this month, or this season, if you are in the Wilsonville, Oregon area, please call on me to help your horse.  My services include deep tissue Equine Body Work (EBW), as well as Veterinarian trained Infrared Imaging Services.

We will see the pain.  We will find the pain.

The infrared camera doesn’t miss heat or inflammation.  My anatomy studies and saddle fitting training have equipped me with techniques to discover sore backs, sore shoulders, pain in the hind end.  We WILL find out why your horse has gone from willing to cranky – sound familiar? 

Here are some telltale signs that owners tell me when I ask – “What has changed for your horse?”

  • “She has started pinning her ears when I come to the stall now.”
  • “He was fine until I asked for the canter depart onto the right lead.  He couldn’t do it today.”
  • “Ever since I rode him in that saddle that I didn’t think fit very well…”
  • “On the trail yesterday, she was doing the strangest thing – stabbing with the toe of her hind feet, really strange stringhalt like steps.”
  • “He starts out stiff and I think it might be pain, but then he warms up out of it.”
  • “My trainer thinks he’s faking.”

Miriah massages the gluts on Washashe

Here’s what I say to you.  Feel for heat and inflammation.  Palpate (touching, pressing) your horse and look for the response.  Watch the ears, the eyes, the tail for swishing, the nostrils for crunching, and the head swing (this is severe).  Listen for grinding of the teeth, and really pay attention when they move to step away from your contact.  Not the “over” command – I’m talking about using your intuition about an animal’s pain.  You can do it.  Try it with your friend.

The Spinalis muscle is under both of my hands - it connects from C4, C5, C6 to the back of the withers. It passes under the scapula

Washashe is the very expressive Thoroughbred mare in these photos. I have worked on her body for 3 years.  These photos were taken on a warm afternoon in May 2011.  I wanted to show you this.  I love the testimonials best when they come form the horse like this day.  Hooray for my healing hands.

She yawned 20 or 30 times like this - it was very funny.

Here comes the big open mouth – notice the large size of her halter which allows this full yawn to come out.  This is reason #1 why I don’t like to see a halter on a horse in the pasture.  Come on everyone, take off their halters.  They need the freedom to stretch their jaw.

Now for the action on your part…
Washashe starting the yawn

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