My Passion for Education

Dr James Waldsmith and Dr Tracy Turner at University of Florida 2010

Hi Friends,

Go Get Educated!

This would be my mantra.  I love what there is to learn when we get excited about something.

I have stood beside many good Equine Veterinarians, and they have poured their training, their science, and their Horse Wisdom into me.  I have been a curious sponge.  I am a grateful student of these doctors.  It is a privilege to be alive at this time.

Let me tell you the path I found for myself, and encourage you to create and find desire like this for you!

Fall of 2010 – a most exciting opportunity.  Dr. Deb Bennett offered a full Equine Dissection course.  And in Oregon!  Thank you for hosting us, Dr. Joe Lally.

This course had been on my educational radar for 7 or 8 years.  I was too queasy to attempt it before this year.  I did attend a necropsy with a vet to give me the tummy test, before investing in the course that year.  I knew not to go, after that.  But it’s been many years, and I was really ready this time. 

What an amazing course.  I felt so impressed with God, like never before.  To see a horse’s muscles function, after all the anatomy study, was to be amazed.  Deb Bennett teaches, so that I am in awe.  She shows the whole body moving, and teaches the magic in the physiological functions.  Magical, electrical nerve impulses…. moving great big legs, and great big bodies.  I was simply amazed.  It has changed my body work tremendously.

Now I work from all ends of a muscular system.  They are all connected, and I can’t separate one quad muscle from one hamstring muscle any more. 

And I’m getting better results.

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