My Start to Horse Healing

First, I had the need.  Then I found the path.  It was meant for me to pursue this talent in myself.

I discovered this work in 2001 after my horse Honey suffered an avulsion fracture to her front leg.  The healing period was long and agonizing.  Om July 2001, three months after the original injury, she re-injured her leg and we started all over again.  To speed up the recovery the second time, I researched complementary and alternative methods of healing, and implemented every one that made sense to me.  My vets were amazed, and so was I.  I was newly inspired to reeducate myself and go help the horses

Side view, Pelvis with Sacrum (tail to the right)

I am a professional Equine Body Worker (EBW).  I received my EBW certification in 2002 from Equinology, Inc. a top rated school for Equine bodywork and anatomy studies. I am insured and a member of International Equine Body Workers Association. (IEBWA).   Every year I fully enjoy continuing my education and have been trained by talented and dedicated teachers, doctors and veterinarians.

In 2005 and 2006 I had the great fortune to train with Jacquie Becker, an equine physical therapist from Hawaii.  I joined her on her Northern California circuit every 7-8 weeks and assisted and apprenticed with her.  I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to Jacquie for her generous contribution to my knowledge and skills.  Along with stretching and physical therapy, I learned dedication and tenacity from her.  I’ve never met a harder worker – thanks, Jacquie!

In 2004, when I needed to buy a new saddle (or two) to fit my mare, I invested in a Saddle Fitting course offered by Equinology.  I thought – and was absolutely right – that I might as well spend the money on training, because I could sure overspend by not knowing what saddle would really fit.  The vet who was teaching it was Dr. Kerry Ridgway. 

Dr. Ridgway is a very highly regarded vet in my former home county of Sonoma, California. Dr. Ridgway was one of our Veterinarians who treated my mare Honey in July 2001 with her injured leg.   He advised and taught me how to use a micro current unit on her every night.  I followed his protocol, and her healing was much faster than anyone expected. 

I used many healing modalities, during that time, and I will always be grateful to Kerry Ridgway for his contribution to my horse’s complete repair and comeback.  He is a wonderful Equine Vet, and a great source of alternative medical training.  He currently lives in the horse country of South Carolina, USA.

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